Our creative process in producing videos is a blend of curiosity, imagination and digital marketing know-how.  Our success comes from content we have produced for YouTube channels, social media and eLearning programs that has educated audiences, generated leads and increased revenue.

E-SUITE - eLearning and Marketing Videos

We worked vigorously on creating training and promotional videos and over 50 eLearning videos for their certification program. Watch more here: e-suite.com

MONSTER WARRIORS - Season's 1 &2

The original Monster Warriors series is back, revamped in HD and ready for a whole new audience; All 52 episodes of Monster Warriors were re-edited and enhanced by Video Wisdom Studios for YouTube. It’s Monster Time! Watch it here: MonsterWarriorsTV

FELICITY PR - The Women's Cave

This video was created for Felicity PR and showcased their Women’s Cave event. I was able to capture all the real-life moments throughout the day.

Doug Emerson - Expert on how to make organizations more effective

Doug Emerson’s 40+ years of coaching and consulting experience was turned into a video series for YouTube. Watch it here: 60 seconds with Doug