Video projects come in all different shapes, sizes and budgets. From simple video tutorials or creative animation content for online courses, Video Wisdom Studios takes the lead in innovative digital media techniques and adult learning processes that help you communicate with your ideal audience.

Clear Concept Inc. Online Courses

Training, support & inspiration to help you prioritize your wellbeing & make time for what matters most. I helped Clear Concept Inc. produce their video content for their online programs to restore balance, manage your energy, and work with purpose.

mīhī Cannabis employee eLearning

mīhī, a cannabis retail brand, has been awarded a cannabis retail operating licence by The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. The Ontario-based retailer expects to open its first location this spring. We produced 40 training videos for their employee eLearning program.

The Emerson Suite

The Emerson Suite, a product based on Doug Emerson’s 40+ years of coaching and consulting experience, I worked vigorously on creating demonstration and promotional videos and over 50 eLearning videos for their certification program.

Heart+Soul Connection

Maria is a meditation coach and I helped her create 6 training videos for her very first online course.

The Woman Cave

The Woman Cave's main focus was to bring brands and creators together for a day-long live event in Toronto. I created a video that showcased the spirit of the event that would allow them to use it for promotional material at their next event.

Dr Lise Janelle - Heart Living TV

I’ve worked with Dr Lise Janelle for many years on various projects. Together we have organically grown her YouTube Channel Heart Living TV. It was with Dr Lise that I posted my very first YouTube video back in 2008. I have helped Dr Lise establish her online business and created 5 online courses and a certification program.

Internal Butler Training Videos

The president of The Butler Did It, James Nienhuis, came to me with an idea he had about incorporating videos into a live training program for new butlers. He wanted to reinforce the core values and disciplines that are needed to be a successful butler in the hospitality industry.

Lead Like Legends

Mary Legakis Engel is Founder and CEO of The Management Coach, a successful consulting and coaching company that helps leaders manage effectively and grow their businesses.

One of Mary’s business objectives was to get more speaking gigs and create valuable content for her clients. We used footage from Mary's speaking events and then compiled that into a 2-minute sizzle reel and teaser video for her Lead Like Legends keynote presentation. I also repurposed other materials such as webinars to create online courses that Mary now sells, generating more revenue for her coaching business

Stellar Performance 101

Ingrid Arboine is an established business owner and had already developed some online courses. She wanted to revamp her existing courses by adding some videos that would engage her learners and get better results.

A Return To Dance Video Series

GoGreenInside founder Keren Brown had recently rebranded her business to focus on supporting midlife women to create “inner sustainability” in all areas of their lives.

Keren’s business and dancing worlds came together when she realized the power of telling her story on video. We have completed promotional videos for her freestyle dance-related workshops and are currently working on the launch of Dancing Through (Mid)Life, a video series following Keren’s return to ballroom dancing after 30 years.

Empowering Experiences with Horses

Equine Facilitator Mena Canonico wanted to showcase her work with horses and share how her teaching methods with them have really helped her clients transform. Mena asked me to capture her entire one-day live workshop on video and also video an intensive one-on-one session with her client.

We were able to create a series of videos from the footage and this helped educate her ideal client on the benefits of her work with horses.

Weight Loss Video Journey

Dr Sher Bovay wanted to offer a new weight-loss program. Having gained a few pounds over the years she wanted to test this program out on herself first to see how effective it would be and so she could speak honestly about it to her clients.

Every week Dr Sher vlogged about her results and the challenges she faced. She now uses the videos as part of a marketing efforts to help people to get to know her story, and find out more about the true benefits of her weight-loss program.