mīhī, Cannabis

40 employee training videos for a cannabis retail store.

Dhamma Pakasa

Fundraising video for expansion project.

The Emerson Suite Project

60 seconds with Doug: web series with business leader Doug Emersion

MONSTER WARRIORS - Season's 1 &2

The original Monster Warriors series is back, revamped in HD and ready for a whole new audience; All 52 episodes of Monster Warriors were re-edited and enhanced by Video Wisdom Studios for YouTube. It’s Monster Time! Watch it here: MonsterWarriorsTV

Live Happier from the Heart

Highlights of a 5-part video series with Dr Lise Janelle.

E-SUITE - Marketing Video

Product launch video for The Emerson Suite.

Heart+Soul Connection Video Course

6 meditation videos for Maria Pallas’ online course.

The Management Coach

Opening video for Lead Like Legends event.

The Butler Did It

8 internal staff training videos for new Butlers.


This video was created for Felicity PR and showcased their Women’s Cave event.

Brave Beautiful Bride Video Series

Dr Lise Janelle offers tips for brides in a web series.